If you are licensed follow these steps to get appointed with the following carriers.  If you were appointed with the following carriers with a different IMO you’ll need to submit new contracting paperwork to have it changed to the FFL hierarchy and compensation schedule.  Once you complete your contracting and submit it takes approximately 5 to 7 days.  In certain cases, it may take longer.

It is recommended that after 3 to 5 days that you contact the carriers directly to make sure they received all the necessary information to complete the contracting and issue you a producer ID.

What you’ll need to complete the carrier appointment contract:

  1. copy of your resident insurance license
  2. copy of your E&O insurance. There are several places to get your E&O. Here’s one company. https://www.napa-benefits.org/errors-and-omissions
  3. copy of your AML (anit-money laundering) certificate that was completed in the past 12 months. Completing your AML course takes 20 minutes and can be completed with these companies. When registering for the course make sure to use your name exactly as it is on your insurance license.


  1. copy of a voided check of where you want your commissions to be deposited to.

Register for Family First Life Agent Portal & CRM System

The Family First Life website/agent portal is where you’ll access your CRM system, leads, and carrier appointment status.

Follow these steps:

  1. To get you access to the FFL website Go to www.familyfirstlife.com
    The business key is ENvVh9Wxc

For any questions regarding contracting please contact Shannon @
Email: contracting.ffl@gmail.com

Get Appointed with Carriers through SuranceBay

Follow these instructions to get appointed with our carriers.

  1. Create an account with SuranceBay with link provided to you by our FFL contracting department.  You must use the specific SuranceBay Family First Life link that was emailed to you in order to get appointed correctly.  Even if you have an existing or previous SuranceBay user ID you’ll need to create new one.
  2. Complete your profile in SuranceBay and upload your license, AML, E&O and voided check.
  3. Follow the instructions in the video on how to complete appointment request for each company. You will need to submit an appointment request for each carrier that you want to get appointed with.
  4. Once you have submitted your appointment request you should receive in approximately 5 to 7 days to an email directly from the carrier with your producer ID #. If you don’t hear from the carrier within that time frame reach out to them directly to make sure they have everything they need from you to complete your appointment request.

Get Contracted with Accordia/Global Atlantic

Accordia / Global Atlantic contracting

Global Atlantic is the only carrier that is not on SuranceBay.  To get contracted with them complete the appointment request application by click here.

Get Contracted with Global Atlantic

Managers to Complete for a New Agent Hire

To get appointed your Manager or the person who hired you needs to complete the form using the following link.  Once completed you will receive the contracting links via email with instructions.  We use SuranceBay for contracting which makes it’s easy for you to complete the appointment request.

If you haven’t received a link from your manager with the contracting link then let them know.

For Managers – When you have a new licensed person join your team use the link below to register your new hire and initiate the contracting process.

If your Vice President is Paul McClain use this link:

FFL West Coast – VP Paul McClain

If your Vice President is Andrew Taylor use this link:

FFL USA – VP Andrew Taylor