To be successful requires consistent lead flow.  There are variety of leads sources below that will allow you to develop a lead strategy based on your sales goals and budget.

Work with your direct manager or VP to develop a lead strategy for your business.

Watch this video to learn more about CRM system and how to order leads.

Listen to past lead training calls on Next Level to learn more about leads.

Secure Agent Mentor provides Final Expense Prospects For You to Sell.  

Our Final Expense Leads are:

FFL exclusive pricing: $15 each (normally $25 each) 20 lead minimum to order.

Exclusive:  only go to 1 single agent, NOT shared

Real-Time:  emailed to you after submission

Fast Turnaround Time:  receive leads in 48-72 hours

Area Targeting:  receive leads where you want them

Ages 50-85:  most leads are ages 55-75

Income Specific:  we are fantastic at demographic targeting

The following lead information is provided:

Full name / Address / City / State / Phone Number / Date of Birth / Favorite Hobby

Contact: Cody @ 833.402.4368 or to order place an order:

Family First Life generates exclusive final expense leads in-house through our internal lead department. These leads are only $15 a piece. Contact your VP directly for details…..

Lead Kingz offers final expense leads.  The leads are generated through telemarketing calls.  Price range is $29 to $34 depending on state and quantity.

Click Here to Listen To A Lead>

To request more info and order form: E-mail it to or Simply Call at 1-800-969-1067

ARM – This is the primary and exclusive lead vendor for Family First Life.  They have a “Buy Per Lead” program which allows you to buy mortgage and final expense direct mail leads as they come in.  They charge a one time deposit of $500 dollars which is drawn down when your first leads come in.  After that, you pay per lead when you receive the lead.  These are NEVER resold and are exclusively yours.  Please contact Sasha for pricing and availability in your area.  Attached is the FFL order form that has to be approved by your manager.

To Place an Order: or call Sasha@ (860)317-1324 ext#4

If an area is not available be sure and ask Sasha to put you “ON DECK” which means as soon as it opens up you will be next in line.

Lead Credit Guidelines
1.Submit to and must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the lead.
2. Above age 80, non-English, bad contact information, SOME duplicate leads

A nationwide inventory of older leads that range from 50 cents a lead to $15 dollars a lead. Our favorite are the second chance mortgage leads and the $3 mortgage leads. Ordering instructions.

  1. Log into your CRM on the FFL site
  2. Click on Create a Lead
  3. Click on Cherry Pick Mortgage Leads
  4. Enter your desired area and start shopping

A vendor for mortgage protection that has Geo Price every county is different.
Leadco charges up front for leads, you prepay for 22 leads at a time. Every county has a different price.

Don’t forget to ask about LeadCo’s SR Leads which are $12 dollars a piece. (these are mortgage leads over the age of 70) These are Andrew and Paul’s favorite lead.

Contact Email:

Phone Number: (888)346-4686

Lead Credit Guidelines
1.Submitted to and must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the lead.
2. Above age 80, non-English, bad contact information, SOME duplicate leads

Manager Access Only – This is a vendor that only managers have access too. It is $40 per final expense lead, $60 per mortgage lead and $30 Medicare Supp direct mail lead. Please download the order form and email to the appropriate person.

View/download pricing and order form:

MailPro 2018 Booklet

The LeadsToClose insurance lead packages are designed for Agents that want to maximize their return-on-investment. Each package is different and caters to different types of workflow, commission structures and product mixes.

  • No Contracts
  • No Cost for Filter Settings
  • Choose the days you want to receive your leads
  • Pause your account at any time

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